Ms.Denis Wong Wai Kean is a Certified Yoga Instructor. She has been teaching Yoga for the passed 5 years at several well known Fitness Centre’s and she also conducted classes for corporate companies. Denise enjoys sharing with others the many benefits of yoga to whomever she comes in contact with.


Days & Time of Class




1) 9:00am – 10:00 am
2) 10:00am - 11:00 am



  • 10 lessons
  • Once a week
  • 1 hours each lesson


RM350.00 per course
(+2 replacement classes incase of absent).


- Trial Lessons are available at a fee of RM35 per lesson.

Testimonials of Students

Subject : Yoga Class
Student : Bae Mi Kyung
Nationality : Korean
Occupation : Housewife


I like Yoga at Sophia because the teacher is good. She always concerns and takes more care about her students' ability – the level they're at. She always reminds us to be careful with our body and to listen to it instead of forcing it. She corrects us when we are not doing it correctly and assists us. This makes the class more personal.

When I'm in Yoga class, it helps me relax because in class I just focus and forget about daily chores and just do Yoga. It's great exercise. I can feel my body is stretched, less tense and less neck, shoulder and back pain from stress. I feel I have more energy and I'm in better shape as I've slimed down. Overall, I feel healthier than before. When I'm at home I do breathing techniques that I learnt in class, and I feel less stress or when I'm angry about something – this helps me a lot.

I would recommend my friends (housewives), mothers who would normally have body aces. I feel it is also good for men and those with stressful jobs and people who use a lot of computers ( because they get a lot of shoulder pains). Generally, Yoga is good for all at any age.