Mr. Eugine Sow is a professional nail technician who has taught more than 50 professional nail artists in K.L. He is an expert in his field with 15 years of experience. Many of his students have ventured out and opened their very own nail saloons, with their new found professional skill!


Days & Time of Class





Please call to check with us on the available Day & Time.


  • Basic Nail Art Course
    - 4 lessons
    - Once a week
    - 3 hours each lesson
  • Professional Nail Art Course
    - 12 lessons
    - Once a week for approx.
    - 4 months
    - 3 hours each lesson



(Excluding nail art materials)

(Inclusive of RM500 worth of materials or more)

* Monthly installment is applicable for this course. Kindly check with us for details.


- Trial Lesson is NOT available. However, observing the class is available.

- A certificate will be given to you after the completion of the course.

Testimonials of Students

Subject : Professional Nail Art
Student : Barbara Cunningham
Nationality : British
Occupation : Housewife


Eugene (instructor) is very friendly and in general SOPHIA Centre is a very friendly environment. I feel very comfortable being here and in my class because I felt that my instructor went at my pace and that was excellent. I didn’t feel pressured.

There was the theory and practical part which I thought was very good and helpful. I enjoyed my class tremendously because Eugene is always very positive. He makes everything, even your mistakes a positive learning process. So I am not afraid of making mistakes and feeling like I will fail because he turns it into a positive thing. It is from mistakes that we learn more. Eugene is also very supportive, innovative and creative. He’s very human and warm and that made my learning experience that much nicer.

This class has definitely given me new skills and confidence to have a GO with trying something new without fear of failing. It’s given me hours of enjoyment from practising on my daughter. This has created a better bond and relationship with my daughter because it’s something we can do in common together now, unlike the mundane activities like shopping. I feel we are closer now because the time spent doing nails, we chat and share more.

I would recommend this class to anybody who’d like to try something new or different. This is a great course for just about anyone who would like to share their skills with other people in a social situation. It’s a great skill to have, not just so one could take up a job but to even have fun with your family and friends.