All our instructors have more then 5 years experience in teaching Jewelry Beading.


Days & Time of Class





10:00am – 12:00pm




  • Once a week
  • 4 lessons per course



RM280.00 (Level 1)

• Includes basic materials of beads and findings.

• Starter Kit Set : 3 pliers at RM48.00

  * Trial Lesson is NOT available. However, observing the class is available.  


  Week   Subject   Activity
  Week 1     Basic Floating Necklace
• Introduction to Knotting, Crimping and Ending
  Week 2     Weaving Bracelet
• Introduction to Basic Weaving
  Week 3     Ring & Matching Earrings
• Introduction to loops and headpin works
  Week 4     Necklace & Matching Errings
• Review of techniques



Testimonials of Students

Subject : Jewellery Design & Beading Class
Student : Dorys
Nationality : Indonesia
Occupation : Housewife


I like that the class size is small, so everyone gets to know one another. Teacher also gets to give sufficient attention to each student and would be able to help students better. The teacher is nice and friendly, and always willing to help.

The class syllabus is good: each lesson you learn a new technique and what is great is we can even bring in our own beads or materials, or buy different beads if we wanted in the class; that makes the class more flexible and relaxed. We can also ask and discuss with the teacher about the next project we will be doing.

I have three daughters who like to wear jewelleries, so It’s nice that now I can make jewelleries for them and also friends as this makes the gift more special. They like it very much and have complimented me. Yes, I feel I have learnt a wonderful new skill and I’m very satisfied with my classes and I’m coming back for more. It’s a very relaxing new hobby except for the eye-sight (laughs)!