Sherlyn is a passionate dancer and has been dancing since she was 12 years old. Now, Sherlyn is fulfilling her desire to share the sensual art of Belly Dancing at SOPHIA. She is the first Malaysian raks sharki instructor to have travelled around the world to teach. She is a certified Malaysian teacher who has attained an intensive teaching certificate from the most acclaimed master; Raqia Hassan, in Cairo. Besides Raqia Hassan, Sherlyn has studied with many other famous choreographers such as the internationally renowned Hossam and Serena Ramzy, and Tamalyn Dallal. She continues to enrich her knowledge and skill by exploring many innovations in belly dance choreography, such as Andaluzi, a fusion of belly dance and flamenco.

Her teaching focuses on strong foundations in dance techniques and transitions, grace and good posture. She encourages each student to express their personality through dance and develop their own individual style.
She has performed for events organized by Shell, MAS, NTV7, Astro, and Marie Claire magazine among many others. Among her most illustrious audiences were the King and Queen of Malaysia, and the Egyptian ambassador. She is one of the royal family's favourite dancers, and one of the most sought-after performers in Malaysia.


Days & Time of Class




11:00am – 12:00pm

12:00pm - 1:00pm

  • 4 lessons
  • once a week
  • 1 hour




- Trial Lesson is available at RM30.

- No experience required. Beginners are welcome.

- NOTE: Classroom space capacity is limited. Kindly register at least 1 week in advance.
*Payment made in advance will be given priority. For inquiries please call SOPHIA Creative Centre.

Testimonials of Students

Subject : Belly Dancing Class
Student : Mayumi & Masako
Nationality : Japan
Occupation : Housewife


We like Belly Dancing because it’s fun and also because the teacher is wonderful. It’s not just dancing for fun: it helps us keep fit & healthy and it’s also good for our beauty. We heard in Japan, Belly Dancing stimulates female hormones. Since then, we’ve wanted to learn and when I came here to Malaysia, I found out Sophia offers this class, so we enrolled right away!

We know we are not the type to go for fitness classes because other fitness exercises are too strenuous, but Belly Dancing is a dance. So, we find it more fun and can continue this class long-term. It’s an exercise that refreshes us and helps us release our stress. We find it very satisfactory to come for class because we are improving and mastering our techniques each time and learning new sensual moves.

We would definitely recommend this class to all the women. They can be in-touch with their feminine self which is natural and beautiful; and this can give women more self-esteem in themselves. It’s not a difficult or a complicated dance like Tango or Ballroom. This is a dance class anyone can try! It’s so fun!