Embrace the fragrant world of Aromatherapy, and discover the ancient art of using precious essential oils to enhance health and wellbeing. In these hands-on Workshops, you’ll learn the healing health benefits of a wide range of essential oils and effective ways to use them. Each unique workshop focuses on a specialised area of application. Professional touch therapies will be taught and practiced; however, it is not necessary to remove clothing during the class. Do you want to learn how to create exotic fragrances and therapeutic massage oil blend? Are you interested in taking a natural approach to beauty and wellness? Are you ready to take control of your life and manage your stress levels the holistic way? All Workshops include materials used on the day, plus handouts, an informative training manual and your personalized essential oil blend to take home!


Christine Kemp is a Certified Aromatherapist from the United Kingdom. She is also a qualified Beauty Therapist, Reflexologist, and a Stress Management Consultant with over 15 years of professional experience in the natural health and beauty industry. Christine is delighted to share her wealth of experience through her well-structured and fun workshops.


•   Aromatherapy A Blend of Fragrance & Healing :
In this creative workshop you’ll explore the properties and healing benefits of 10 essential oils and four luxurious carrier oils. You’ll discover the art and science of blending essential oils, and the secrets behind creating a perfectly balanced fragrance. With your newly acquired knowledge, you’ll get to create your very own personalised aromatherapy treatment blend. I’ll teach you professional ways to apply your essential oil blend, and you’ll have the opportunity to practice these simple, yet effective massage techniques in the class.

•   Aromatherapy Beauty & Wellness :
In this practical Workshop you’ll explore the best essential oils to maintain a beautiful complexion, as well as the most effective essential oils to treat a range of skin conditions. You’ll learn about the structure of the skin and underlying facial muscles, as well as the characteristics and classification of skin-types. With this newly acquired knowledge, you’ll be able to create personalised skincare products for yourself and others. I’ll demonstrate a lymphatic drainage facial massage and an anti-aging pressure point massage using essential oils. You will have the opportunity to blend your own facial massage oil, and practice the massage techniques during the class.

•   Aromatherapy Stress Management :
In this inspiring workshop you’ll explore the best essential oils to treat stress, and learn how these oils work together in synergy. With your newly acquired knowledge, you’ll be able to select the perfect essential oils to create your personalised massage oil blend to treat a specific stress related condition. I’ll show you how essential oils can be used to balance chakras and stimulate acupressure and reflex points. I’ll also demonstrate a Champissage Head Massage using essential oils, and you’ll have the opportunity to practice these truly amazing techniques in the class!
You will also discover how essential oils can be incorporated into your daily life and used together with Mindfulness practice – a relaxation technique and lifestyle choice that will help to reduce your stress levels forever!

Day   :  Thursday
Time :  10:00am – 12:30pm
Price:  RM135 per Workshop


•             We also have various Aromatherapy Workshops on regular basis.
•             Trial Lesson is NOT available. However, observing the class is available.